About Artist

I am more of a dweller, a parasite who lives underneath the desk. "Here I am a gentleman, at home I am a parasite."- Albrecht Durer. I am also often also found on the computer as well. I stay online for 8 hours on average, while the computer eats away electricity. English tea is also consumed everyday.

About Author

As an old day dreamer, I find myself idling around in the house and drawing random things everyday. I read manga online and I like to sit and watch my favorite animes like Naruto, Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn, Ao no Exorcist and so on so forth. Also, as a loner, I write journals to my dear friend Mr. MB Book and write the very things that have infiltrated my brilliant mind in which, has always tend to bother Mr.MB Book. With days passed by, I wish to continue working and be amongst the stars one day.

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