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June 4th, 2011, 1:20 am - NEW AUTHOR & SORRY ABOUT THE IDLENESS

hello everyone~
as you saw from the profile, there is a new author added.

why is there a new author is because i thought was the right thing to do, since she has been the one helping me a lot with the story-line.
and who is this new author, she's my younger sister haha.

i believe the story will be more organized that way. now i just need to step with my art/comic style yay~~~

and as the title says... i am sincerely sorry about the idleness again ...
i posted something about this in deviantart but wasn't able to post here ;;;

i'm truly sorry guys ;;; i have things from the real world to worry about ;;; i'm going to post a filler page to make it really legit ;;; (since i don't think people really read these news and what not;;; )

so please stay with me here, am i going to finish this prologue THIS YEAR ;;;


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