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May 10th, 2011, 11:49 pm - SURPRISE YO~

i know that according to the description it clearly states that this comic is to be updated by the weekends. So why am i post new pages during this week? Apparently, I wasn't able to update weekly due to my short depression, the outside world and it's dramas. And I felt like a horrible person for letting you readers down and felt like it was die as soon as I left it for awhile. I didn't want another comic of mine to die on me again ;;; So i forced myself to make pages.

At first, I was planning to post 4 new pages for missed days, but I was getting so into the mood of finishing the prologue, you reader have now received 5 new pages. :'D

Don't worry the prologue has got like a few more pages left before it ends so bear with me here. ALMOST THERE TO CHAPTER 1 ~~~~

But I think you'll see some fillers before Chapter 1 starts, for i will still be planning it out and what not. ;;;


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