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For hundreds of years, the Insolitus Lector has been the most powerful sorcerer among those before him. His powers serve him a purpose to vanquish those who try to penetrate the balance of the world. The I.L.,who like other mortals, suffers pain and eventually will face death. He has always reincarnated himself for many of years to continue his duties. However, evil had discovered a way to corrupt the transmigration. The corruption had caused the transmigration to last longer, making the world vulnerable and exposed to those who feast on fear. The I.L. whom we lay our story is the latest reincarnation, the 28th. updates on Fridays/Saturdays



hello everyone~
as you saw from the profile, there is a new author added.

why is there a new author is because i thought was the right thing to do, since she has been the one helping me a lot with the story-line.
and who is this new author, she's my younger sister haha.

i believe the story will be more organized that way. now i just need to step with my art/comic style yay~~~

and as the title says... i am sincerely sorry about the idleness again ...
i posted something about this in deviantart but wasn't able to post here ;;;

i'm truly sorry guys ;;; i have things from the real world to worry about ;;; i'm going to post a filler page to make it really legit ;;; (since i don't think people really read these news and what not;;; )

so please stay with me here, am i going to finish this prologue THIS YEAR ;;;


i know that according to the description it clearly states that this comic is to be updated by the weekends. So why am i post new pages during this week? Apparently, I wasn't able to update weekly due to my short depression, the outside world and it's dramas. And I felt like a horrible person for letting you readers down and felt like it was die as soon as I left it for awhile. I didn't want another comic of mine to die on me again ;;; So i forced myself to make pages.

At first, I was planning to post 4 new pages for missed days, but I was getting so into the mood of finishing the prologue, you reader have now received 5 new pages. :'D

Don't worry the prologue has got like a few more pages left before it ends so bear with me here. ALMOST THERE TO CHAPTER 1 ~~~~

But I think you'll see some fillers before Chapter 1 starts, for i will still be planning it out and what not. ;;;

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